Protection against cyber-attacks

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Monitoring and reporting in real-time

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Your website + Cromiwaf = protection + security

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  • Web application firewall

  • Access monitoring

  • Protect your customers

  • Blocking cyber-attacks


CromiWAF is a WAF (Web Application Firewall) protection service suitable for online applications, from the simplest to the most complex, for all types of businesses.

It is a software that works between the server http/s and the client, filtering client inputs and web server outputs, always following security rules, being possible to register and block cyber-attacks.

Adopting the WAF allows the customer to have visibility of the main threats that attack or attempt to compromise its business. It prevents and blocks attacks on web applications in real-time, preserving operations and minimizing the risk of leakage of strategic information.



    We protect your website against malicious attacks, known and unknown attacks.

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    Keep track of what’s going on with your website in real time. Access volume, Location and inspection.

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    Define which reports you want to receive automatically. Attack types, volume, GeoIP, as well as audit and compliance reports, such as PCI, SOX, HIPPA and others.

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    Minimum configuration, low level of customization and fast learning.

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CromiWAF provides a managed DDOS detection and mitigation service that monitors a client’s connection to a possible Denial of Service attack. When it is detected, CromiWAF routes all traffic to a designated “Mitigation Center” where attack traffic is analyzed and eliminated. Legitimate traffic is then forwarded to the Customer via the defined return channel. CromiWAF’s DDOS Mitigation service is available in two different options depending on the type and amount of clean traffic: Direct-Connect solutions and Routed / GRE solution.

In the two mitigation options, traffic is diverted through our cleaning centers, attack traffic is absorbed in the mitigation center closest to the source, filtered, and clean traffic is sent to its destination. In the Routed /GRE solution, we use GRE tunnels through the Internet to route clean traffic back to the Customer’s site. In turn, the Direct-Connect solution uses a private logical connection using IPVPN between the customer’s data center and our mitigation centers to route clean traffic to the client. We work with DDOS in the “Always-On” mode, Client traffic is routed through the Mitigation Centers on a permanent basis. This offers a “Clean Pipe” service.


Carrier offer agnostic. CromiWAF offers flexibility to re-route and mitigate traffic from on-net clients, or provide DDOS mitigation for all third-party Internet connections that offer at least IP segments of / 24.

Service with fixed cost depending on the bandwidth of the contracted clean traffic.

Cloud-based solution that allows for mitigations or as close as possible to the source of the attack.

Protection of multilayer attacks.

An architecture that has 7 Mitigation Centers distributed worldwide with more than 4.5 Tbps of cleaning capacity.

We have one of the largest networks to absorb DDOS attacks.

The IP, CDN and Global DNS network that CromiWAF offers, gives us broad visibility to detect threats from our customers’ attacks quickly.


CromiWAF offers a recognized, reliable, secure and efficient connection network worldwide. CDN is part of this network, since all nodes are connected to our backbone and comply with the same strict policies of each element of our network. This allows global control of the distribution of content and its quality parameters, offering a unique solution in the market for content distribution.

The content distribution is the basis of CromiWAF’s strategic vision, which allows the CDN to be constantly evolving. We mean by content to any set of multimedia information that is aimed at reaching a particular audience, formed by a large number of users. Content can be videos, images, software, documents, web pages and much more.


Accelerates the delivery of small and large objects using patented technologies to get the content of its users closer.

Delivery of content for all types of devices, performing a dynamic packaging.

Enables performance improvement compared to other traditional content distribution networks.


The high-performance caching platform accelerates the delivery of small and large objects by as much as 70 percent compared to a stand-alone source server, allowing our users to download fast and uninterrupted.

The object delivery platform integrates directly into our global IP network with more than 36.8Tbps of worldwide capacity, allowing you to support simultaneous user peaks around the world.

The platform provides the intelligence to automatically detect devices and supports the most complex business rules your workflow requires.


  • CromiWAF Light

    $ 9.95 /mo
      • 1 Mbps of inspection throughput
      • 1 Website
      • 1 Monthly report
      • Technical support 8×5
      • – – – – – –
      • BRL 290,00/mo


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  • Bronze

    $ 9.95 /mo
      • 10 Mbps of inspection throughput
      • 5 Websites
      • 1 Monthly report
      • Technical support 8×5
      • – – – – – –
      • BRL 1.490,00/mo


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  • Silver

    $ 9.95 /mo
      • 20 Mbps of inspection throughput
      • 10 Websites
      • 1 Monthly report
      • Technical support 8×5
      • – – – – – –
      • BRL 2.790,00/mo


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  • Gold

    $ 9.95 /mo
      • 50 Mbps of inspection throughput
      • 20 Websites
      • 5 Types of reports
      • Technical support 8×5
      • Access to monitoring in real-time


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  • platinum

    $ 9.95 /mo
      • 100 Mbps of inspection throughput
      • 50 Websites
      • 10 Types of reports
      • Technical support 24×7
      • Access to monitoring in real-time


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1) What is the minimum contract period?

12 months.

2) Can I try it before contracting?

Yes. All of our contracts have 30 days of trial. If you do not proceed with the service, you can leave without paying a fine. After 30 days, the monthly fee will be normally charged within the chosen plan.

3) Can I change after contracting a plan?

Yes. If you go to a higher plan, you will not be fined. If you go to a smaller plan, you will be charged a penalty normally stated in contract and a new plan will be added within 12 months.

4) Is there SLA (service level agreed) in the contract?

Yes. A SLA is defined in the contract.

5) If the SLA is not met, will I be reimbursed?

Yes. If the SLA is not met, the corresponding amount will be credited on the next invoice.

6) If the SLA is not met, can I terminate the contract without a fine?

Yes, according to the termination rule determined in contract.

7) In case of IP bandwidth upgrade what is the minimum hiring period?

12 months. The whole contract may be renewed for the same period of 12 months.

8) Where is CromiWAF’s Cloud located at?


9) What is CromiWAF’s data center level?

Tier III. Totally redundant.

10) What is the increase in latency when I contract CromiWAF?

It varies from 4 to 10 milliseconds.

11) Which packages have access to monitoring?

Gold and Platinum.

12) In access to monitoring can I create or change rules and reports?

No. Access to the monitoring console is read-only, in real time and generates the reports at the desired time.

13) Is the monthly fee charged in Brazilian Reais?

Yes. Only in Brazilian Reais (BRL)

14) Is the payment monthly or annual?


15) Can I pay annually?


16) Is there a discount for annual payment?

Yes. Please, refer to the sales area.

17) Is CromiWAF in high availability?

Yes. Totally redundant.

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